Building Diversity & Inclusion into the Fabric of Cybersecurity

The stakes within cybersecurity have never been higher. The need for diversity among the professionals entrusted with guarding our technology infrastructure has never been more evident. That’s why an urgent movement is afoot to recruit, train, and support a new workforce of professionals that literally will change the face of cybersecurity over the next several years … and then forever more.

Whether you’re an expert cybersecurity professional or you’re exploring cyber as the next step in your career, there’s a place for you as a member of Cyversity. As we build our community and corresponding tools and resources, Cyversity membership is free. You need only register as a member, which unlocks Cyversity’s significant benefits.

Beginning January 1, 2022, Cyversity membership will cost $20 for Students and $100 for Professionals. This is a small investment for the unlimited opportunities and career trajectory that you gain. Current members who join/ed prior to January 1, 2022, will receive an invoice for membership to continue accessing full Cyversity membership benefits.

Tools & Resources Available to Cyversity Members

Take an Online Skills Assessment to match your talents

Explore Scholarships Available to unrepresented minorities and women pursuing careers in cybersecurity.

Explore job postings, career resources, and more: Cyversity Career Center

Develop (or Deepen) Your Knowledge of Cybersecurity through Cyversity Training Partners.

Get Career Guidance from Cyber Experts through the active Cyversity Mentorship Program (and cyber experts, this is your opportunity to mentor those entering the field).

Engage, Learn & Network at the many Events we offer

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