Building Diversity & Inclusion into the Fabric of Cybersecurity

The stakes within cybersecurity have never been greater. The need for diversity among the professionals entrusted with guarding our technology infrastructure has never been more evident or critical. That’s why we are committed to our mission to recruit, train, and support a new and emerging workforce of professionals that literally will change the face of cybersecurity over the next several years and help shape the future.

Whether you’re an expert cybersecurity professional or exploring cyber as the next step in your career, there’s a place for you as a member of Cyversity. We are continuing to build and develop our community with impactful tools and resources to support and cultivate our members to achieve career success. When you become a Cyversity member, you are investing in yourself and unlocking an unlimiting potential of opportunity including mentorship, scholarship, skills assessment, training resources, events and an entire community who is ready to help you succeed in a successful cybersecurity career.

At both a national level and on local level through chapters, a core part of the Cyversity experience is access to a variety of learning, training, and networking opportunities,  aimed at the emerging cyber professional right up to those at the executive level. Cyversity’s events and webinars (delivered virtual and in-person)  touch upon an abundance of topics that are vital to the development and perpetuation of knowledge and skills for the cyber professional of todays and tomorrow’s workforce.

Membership is Priceless

When you take advantage of all the resources, tools, scholarship, and networking that your Cyversity membership provides – You’ll see that the cost of membership is a small investment for the unlimited opportunities and career trajectory that you gain.

Annual Dues: Students: $20 and Professionals $100


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