Executive Leadership

Ed Adams

Treasurer, Cyversity

CEO, Security Innovation

Beverly Benson

Director of Workforce Development, Cyversity

Program Director, Information Technology & Security, The American Women’s College at Bay Path University

Sherron Burgess

VP Strategic Development, Cyversity

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, BCD Travel

Kevin Dodson

Compliance Officer, SAWTST LLC; President, BMOS Consultants, LLC

Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, WORKSOURCE 2000, Inc.

Maggie Domond

Executive Director, Cyversity

Leslie Kesselring

Director of Public Relations, Cyversity

Founder and President, Kesselring Communications

Larry Whiteside, Jr.

President, Cyversity

Chief Trust Officer & Chief Technology Officer, CyberClan

Virtual Inc.

Operations, Cyversity