MK PalmoreCybersecurity Strategic Advisor & Risk Consultant
Google Cloud
Rolanda Roy SmallHead of Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Proofpoint
Palo Alto Networks
Hakeem OseniSenior Product Manager, Detection and Response
Olivia HerrifordRegional Director, Employer Engagement
Bay Area Community College Consortium
Monique HeadSenior Security Partner – Cybersecurity Communications & Education, Office of the CISO


Cyversity Bay Area is here!  We are very much looking forward to seeing you here! We have lots of plans in-the-works, and hope you’ll join us in helping make Cyversity Bay Area strong & productive, and join us in support our MISSION…

“Achieving the consistent representation of women and unrepresented minorities in cybersecurity through programs designed to foster recruitment, inclusion and retention – one person at a time.”


Have questions? Please let us know how we can help – we’re here…in the BAY AREA!

Please forward inquiries to: [email protected]


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