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What to expect.
In this interview session, we get an opportunity to connect with LinkedIn Learner Instructor,  Cyber Security Simplified, Author of “Cloud Auditing Best Practices,” Michael Ratemo. Michael’s entrepreneurial has led him to create and present LinkedIn courses such as Cloud Security and Audit Fundamentals: AWS, Azure, and Google (2023) and Building and Auditing a Cyber Security Program (2022).  As with many, the journey to cybersecurity fulfillment had twists and turns.  However, the future looks bright for Michael.  We’ll hear the trials, the challenges, and the triumphs of Michael Ratemo.

Goals and Objectives.
Michael will share his life, career, and family process and strategic plan.  Michael has expressed a genuine passion for teaching and supporting others on their security journey.  Setting a goal and sticking to that goal, come what may, is what the Finnish culture calls SISU.  It means overcoming every obstacle and challenge to succeed.  On Thursday, February 15th, at 12:30 PM ET, we’ll hear about Michael’s SISU.

Who should attend?
Cyversity members, Cyversity-Austin members, Potential Cyversity members, security practitioners seeking ways to mentor and support the security community, Middle and High School and College Students, and the general public seeking to learn more about starting and planning a career in cybersecurity.

Guest: Michael Ratemo





Moderator: David Elcock




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