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What to expect.

Opportunity to connect with Cyversity’s incoming President, MK Palmore, for a state of the organization update.  In November, we heard from Cyversity’s incoming Chairwoman, Sherron Burgess, and Chairman Emeritus Julian Waits, on the organization’s strategic outlook, which addressed and reemphasized the organization’s mission and vision statement.  Our conversation with MK will focus on Cyversity’s ongoing operational roadmap and the tasks that lie ahead for the organization, its Leadership, Board of Directors, Advisors, Ambassadors, and Membership.

Goals and Objectives.

CYVERSITY is a volunteer-based organization with goals and objectives to accomplish.  MK will discuss the details of the revised execution plan.  With seven (7) key components to the execution plan, MK will provide our audience with a sense of what lies ahead and our role in that specific component.  Our will cover Cyversity’s.

  • Financial Sustainability Plan and the necessity for this plan,
  • Our Strategic Alliance w/Virtual Inc & Human Resources (Operations),
  • Cyversity Boards, Directors, and Advisors,
  • Strategic Partnerships,
  • The Educational Curriculum,
  • Event Planning, Conference, Seminars,
  • The essentials of CYVERSITY’s Community, Membership & Sponsorship Value.

Who should attend?

Cyversity members, Corporate Sponsors and Partners, Potential Cyversity members, Middle and High School and College Students, and the general public seeking to learn more information about Cyversity’s goals, plans, and activities for the coming year and beyond.

Guest: MK Palmore




Moderator: David Elcock




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