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The “Empowering Diversity: Unveiling Untold Stories” program by Cyversity New York Metro Chapter is a groundbreaking initiative highlighting Black professionals’ often overlooked contributions, challenges, and experiences in the cybersecurity industry. Through a panel discussion featuring esteemed experts and leaders in the field, the program seeks to address critical topics such as promoting diversity and inclusion, addressing systemic barriers, and fostering a supportive environment for Black individuals pursuing careers in cybersecurity.

The program will delve into significant moments and achievements in cybersecurity history involving Black individuals, showcase successful diversity initiatives and programs, and explore strategies for increasing representation and fostering belonging within the cybersecurity workforce. Additionally, the panel will discuss the intersectionality of race and gender, highlighting the unique challenges Black women face in the industry and offering advice to aspiring professionals navigating their careers.

The program aims to inspire action and advocacy for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion within the cybersecurity community by shedding light on untold stories and amplifying diverse voices. Through collaboration, mentorship, and allyship, participants will be empowered to drive positive change and build a more inclusive future for the industry.


Tracey Brand-Sanders

Demond Cook



Campanella Godfrey Jr.

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