Learning Opportunities

At both a national level and on local level through chapters, a core part of the Cyversity experience is access to learning opportunities, delivered in-person or virtually by leading authorities, aimed at the emerging cyber professional right up to those at the executive level. Cyversity’s educational offerings touch upon an abundance of topics that are vital to the development and perpetuation of knowledge and skills for the cyber professional of today’s and tomorrow’s workforce.

Cyversity content and its overall membership experience (what we call our “member journey”) therefore touch upon the mechanics of cybersecurity itself as well as the skills associated with communication, building a personal brand, and interviewing and negotiation tactics that are particularly vital to unrepresented minorities and women.

Cyversity, its chapters, and its partners provide a regular pipeline of live events, along with webinars and videos, that together deliver a holistic and dynamic educational experience across topic areas of need and significance to our community.

Tools & Resources Available to Cyversity Members

Take an Online Skills Assessment to match your talents

Explore Scholarships Available to unrepresented minorities and women pursuing careers in cybersecurity.

Take a Look at Webinars & Videos for self-pace learning and more

Develop (or Deepen) Your Knowledge of Cybersecurity through Cyversity Training Partners.

Get Career Guidance from Cyber Experts through the active Cyversity Mentorship Program (and cyber experts, this is your opportunity to mentor those entering the field).