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What to expect.
Monique Head has been appointed the Director of the Cyversity Educational Program. She is heading up an educational platform enhancement and expansion built on an established educational program. The revised platform has several enhancements, adding value to membership educational resources.

Goals and Objectives.
Added are level educational delivery approaches. The four components will accommodate a foundational component for entry-level practitioners, a Career Accelerator for Mid-career and transitioning security practitioners, a Leadership Enhancement component for seasoned practitioners, and finally, a Professional Development component for seasoned practitioners seeking leadership roles beyond C-Suite roles such as advisory and public board of director roles. The revised educational roadmap program will feature certifications built on expertise and academic development.
 Foundational Education Track Program,
 Career Accelerator,
 Leadership Enhancement,
 Professional development,
 Desired Outcome,
 The features, advantages, and benefits delivered to the membership,
 What’s next,

Who should attend?
Cyversity members, Corporate Sponsors and Partners, Potential Cyversity members, Middle and High School and College Students, and the general public seeking to learn more information about Cyversity’s goals, plans, and activities for the coming year and beyond.



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