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We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the Cyversity DC Chapter cyber community leadership virtual event covering “Profiles In Cybersecurity Leadership – Community Talk.”  The event will be set to start on July 27, 2023, at 5:30 PM and will end at 7:00 PM.


Ghada Ijam

Chief Information Officer

Federal Reserve System




Nida Davis

Security Architecture Director




Brian Fielder

GM & CTO Enterprise Security




Umar aka Chris Carter

Cyber Risk Advisor




Roger Whyte

Adjunct Faculty Instructor



The Cyversity DC Chapter leadership team warmly invites you to join us virtually and connect with a group of esteemed minority leaders in the cybersecurity sector. This unique opportunity allows you to hear their inspiring stories, gain insights from their career experiences, and engage with them by asking your most pressing questions on cyber diversity and leadership. We are eager to learn from their valuable lessons and discover the keys to thriving in the dynamic cyber sector, following their exemplary leadership models. This event is open to all Cyversity chapter members nationwide, and we extend a warm invitation to anyone who would like to be our guest and support our community. Our distinguished speakers will share their personal encounters with diversity and inclusion challenges throughout their careers, along with the strategies they employed to overcome such obstacles. By listening to their stories, you will gain valuable insights into the challenges that our community members may face in their own careers, as well as effective methods for navigating and conquering these hurdles to achieve success. Furthermore, our speakers will offer practical words of wisdom gleaned from their own careers, leadership journeys, and personal experiences. The focus of our cyber community talk in July is to impart lessons on exceptional leadership, showcasing stories of practical wisdom and inspiration, and guiding our community members on how to fulfill their potential even in the face of adversity. In our previous community talk, we emphasized the importance of technical skills, cyber certifications, and communication abilities in supporting the advancement of our community members’ cyber careers. In our upcoming talk in July, we will delve into key aspects of leadership, overcoming exclusion, and the significance of continuous career development. The session will be moderated by Ghada Ijam, Chief Information Officer and member of our DC Chapter Leadership Team.

Please reserve the date on your calendars and join us for this enriching event!

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