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Learn about unconventional paths to cyber security from the vantage point of a cyber security focused attorney’s journey.

When you think of the best point guards in the history of the game, some of the names that immediately come to mind include Magic Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, Russell Westbrook, and me. Cybersecurity attorneys are the point guard for data breaches. They lead breach investigations, playing the role of director, leader, encourager, and sometimes the “bad guy,” telling people “No” when it is in the client’s best interest. This presentation will discuss the roles that cybersecurity attorneys play and my journey. Next, we will outline the non-cyber skills that we all possess and how they can help you build a career in cybersecurity. Then, finally, there will be a discussion of how mentors and sponsors can help you supercharge your career. As we go through the presentation, I’ll encourage everyone to be more like Momma Hendricks and stress why we need both a Jay-Z and a Beyoncé.


Anthony Hendricks

Anthony Hendricks is a legal problem solver and litigator at Crowe & Dunlevy in its Oklahoma City office.  At Crowe & Dunlevy, Anthony serves as founder and chair of the firm’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practice Group. His legal practice focuses on data privacy compliance, regulatory enforcement and permitting, and other “bet-the-company” suits in the areas of data security, privacy, and other complex business litigation. Anthony is an adjunct professor who teaches Cybersecurity Law and Information Privacy courses at Oklahoma City University School of Law. He also hosts “Nothing About You Says Computer Technology,” a weekly podcast on cybersecurity and data privacy viewed through the lens of diverse voices. Anthony is a proud graduate of Howard University and was selected as Howard’s first British Marshall Scholar.  Anthony holds two masters from the London School of Economics and earned his JD from Harvard Law School.  To learn more about Anthony’s current projects and upcoming speaking events or listen to the latest episodes of his podcast, visit www.anthonyjhendricks.com.


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