About Cyversity

While the need for a diverse and inclusive workforce crosses all professions and industries, perhaps nowhere is the need more acute than in cybersecurity. On a daily basis, the forces that threaten our governments, our corporations, and our communities must be met with a diverse community of cyber professionals, which collectively possess the skills, knowledge, background, and perspectives to offset those threats.

Deep familiarity with cybersecurity is not enough. To meet the threats, the cyber workforce must have a balance of ethnicity, gender, and culture. It must incorporate people with skillsets within information technology and security, of course, but also people with backgrounds that are not typically associated with cybersecurity.

The challenge, thus, is significant:

  • Promoting cybersecurity to new audiences
  • Assessing the skills and talent of aspiring cyber professionals
  • Developing the knowledge to fill specific roles
  • Connecting the community
  • Placing talent into appropriate roles and functions
  • Retaining talent to perpetuate diversity and inclusion

This is the challenge that Cyversity, its partners, and, of course, its members have embarked upon. Join us in our effort to change the face of cybersecurity.

Cyversity’s Mission

Our mission is to achieve the consistent representation of  women, underrepresented minorities, and all veterans in the cybersecurity industry through programs designed to diversify, educate, and empower. Cyversity tackles the ‘great cyber divide’ with scholarship opportunities, diverse workforce development, innovative outreach, and mentoring programs.

Our vision is to:

  • Function as a representative body on issues and developments that affect the careers of underrepresented and women cybersecurity professionals.
  • Increase the number of underrepresented and women students pursuing cybersecurity-related disciplines at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels by funding scholarships opportunities.
  • Facilitate the career advancement of existing member cybersecurity practitioners through mentoring, grants towards advanced degrees and professional certifications in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Establish a mechanism for gathering and disseminating information for underrepresented and women cybersecurity professionals.

Cyversity’s Core Values

Cyversity seeks to increase the number of women and underrepresented who demonstrate academic excellence, attain a postsecondary cybersecurity credential with value in the labor market, and get launched on a career in the cybersecurity profession.

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