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Bridging the Cybersecurity Talent Gap: How Cyversity Empowers Professionals at Every Career Stage

Cyversity Programs

Mentorship Program

Cyversity’s Mentorship Program provides valuable personal and professional development opportunities for Mentors and Mentees alike.

Mentoring is a key component in developing talent and supporting the success of future cybersecurity professionals. That’s why we created the Cyversity Mentorship Program, which fosters meaningful mentoring relationships and includes supplemental initiatives that provide an immersive experience for all participants.


Our mission for this program is to provide our Mentees with an extra hand in making connections, networking, career pathing, improving communication skills, getting insight into cybersecurity roles, and gaining interview and resume-writing skills. This program is designed to cater to the mentees. We seek to provide the support and resources that will act as a stepping stone to success for the traditionally underrepresented communities that we serve.

Our 16-week Session includes:

1:1 matching that aligns the skills of the mentor with the goals of the mentee

A pre-developed curriculum that will help guide each session (optional)

Interactive “Ask Me Anything” sessions with professionals from  across the cybersecurity industry

A platform that encourages open and direct communication, and allows for support from other Mentees and Mentors

Mentorship Program Requirements

Mentee Requirements
  • All Mentees are required to be a Cyversity member in good standing.

  • We ask that mentees have less than 5 total years of experience in the cybersecurity industry.


  • Mentees should be dedicated to professional and personal growth.

  • Mentees will be expected to remain engaged with their mentor for the duration of the cohort.

Mentor Requirements
  • Mentors are not required to be Cyversity members but are highly encouraged to join in support of the mission.


  • We ask that mentors have at least 5 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry.


  • Mentors should be dedicated to facilitating the growth of their mentee.


  • Mentors will be expected to remain engaged with their mentee for the duration of the cohort.

Apply to be a Mentor or Mentee

The Mentorship Program is offered as a benefit of Cyversity membership. However, members must complete a separate application for the program in order to be considered for participation.


Our current cohort is in session and applications are not open at this time. If you are interested in being notified when the next round of applications opens, please fill out this Interest Form.


Mentorship Testimonials

“The cybersecurity program has had a profound impact on my personal growth and development... I am truly grateful to the program for providing me with the platform and support to enhance my communication abilities. It has been a transformative journey, and I am a far better version of myself than I was just a year ago.”

Training & Skills Development

Cyversity and its network of chapters encourage and support professional development for people of all levels of experience and areas of specialty within cybersecurity.

At the core of what Cyversity is all about is to equip current and aspiring cyber professionals with the knowledge, perspective, and experiences that are necessary within an important and ever-changing profession. This means that Cyversity, its chapters, and its partners must keep their fingers on the pulse of what knowledge and skills are in demand for various roles within cybersecurity. From there, we must find genuine authorities to deliver the educational programming – the content that focuses on cyber itself, the soft skills that are important to career development, and the information that is particularly relevant to unrepresented minorities and women as we together look to change the face of cybersecurity, one person at a time.

Educational Course Pathways


Apprenticeships & Internships

Unlocking Exclusive Internship Opportunities through Strategic Alliances in Technology.

Cyversity has established strategic alliances with a growing network of leading technology companies, unlocking a wealth of exclusive internship opportunities in this dynamic field. These coveted positions, carefully curated for our members, offer unparalleled access to cutting-edge projects, mentorship from industry experts, and a direct pathway to potential full-time employment. Due to the high demand and exceptional value of these internships, selection is rigorous and competitive, with new opportunities continually emerging for our valued members.


Career Resources

The career opportunities within cybersecurity are extensive and include roles that require a sophisticated understanding of information technology as well as roles that require no technology background at all.

Career Resources

Unlocking Cybersecurity Potential

Globally, the need for trained cybersecurity professionals is surpassing the available talent who can support the demand and fill these critical roles. The ever-changing landscape of technology infrastructure highlights the inevitable threat of ransomware, data breaches, software vulnerabilities, distributed denial of service attaches (DDoS), and phishing that all require the skills of an expansive and diverse cyber workforce. Cyversity is on a mission to bridge this divide and provide members with the tools, training, mentoring, and resources for a successful career in cybersecurity.

If you are interested in exploring a career in cybersecurity or you’re an established cyber professional looking to connect with resources and programming that will help you at all stages of your career, activate a Cyversity membership to unlock an abundance of resources and benefits.

Cyversity has partnered with CyberSN to enhance career opportunities for its members, creating a dynamic job-search platform tailored specifically for cybersecurity professionals. This collaboration offers direct access to a wide range of job listings that cater to various skill levels and career stages. By leveraging CyberSN's extensive network and specialized job-matching technology, Cyversity members can efficiently connect with employers looking for skilled cybersecurity talent, streamlining the job search and application process. This partnership not only simplifies the pathway to employment but also supports the broader mission of filling the cybersecurity talent gap.

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