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Be part of the solution! Make way for diverse talent to be successful by assessing, evaluating, and recruiting diverse talent.


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Cyversity Develop is an accelerated professional development program designed to equip current and future cybersecurity professionals with the skills, knowledge and capabilities to be successful in the cybersecurity profession.

Cyversity Partners support these programs by providing training opportunities through the Develop program, allowing participants to gain entry-level, job-ready skills. We are seeking partners who provide substantive training across various domains within the Cybersecurity field. Our training programs developed for our members, typically provide an emphasis on the foundational skills necessary to enter and thrive in the industry at all levels of their career trajectory.

In addition to a newly trained, diverse pool of potential employees, interns, or apprentices, Cyversity Partners are also entitled to co-marketing opportunities, webinars, video testimonials, and much more.

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