Olivia Rose

Amplitude / Chief Information Security Officer, VP of IT & Security

As a seasoned female CISO, Olivia would bring a wealth of industry experience to Cyversity. Her passion for diversity and inclusion has been demonstrated time and again not just in her many public appearances on topic but most importantly in her deeds in the many resume review workshops, interviewing skills workshops and her Mentee – CISO Rockstar sessions she’s singlehandedly arranged.

In 2021, Olivia won the Cybersecurity Woman Volunteer of the year award for her passion and dedication for being a loud voice for those who can’t be heard. She has been in Security long enough to not be concerned about retribution or repercussions of speaking up. Olivia believes in evening out the playing field for all individuals in Security and that means nixing the education degree requirements, understanding that not all people have fair access to internships, and that there is no reason as to why most companies cannot bring on diverse interns and provide training.