Octavia Howell

Equifax / Business Information Security Officer

Recognized as a 2021 Black Engineer of the Year Awards Modern Day Technology Leader and shortlisted as the 2020 Security Champion of the Year by Women in Technology, Octavia is an experienced technical leader who specializes in Networks, Cyber Security, and building operationally excellent, motivated cross-functional, multi-cultural teams. She is focused on career growth and helping everyone she encounters reach their career goals. Octavia prides herself on understanding, solving problems, and discovering secure solutions for her business partners. She currently serves as a Chief Information Security Officer for Equifax Canada. She is also the Founder and CEO of Augustus Redefined, an organization focused on the advancement of Black Women in Cyber. Octavia believes that a security leader should mentor, motivate trust, and lead their teams to act with integrity and openness. She often says, “A team is only as strong as their leaders and each leader casts a shadow that they will be held accountable for.” Octavia genuinely believes that we are placed on this earth to help each other achieve greatness.