Cyversity Board of Directors Election

The Cyversity Board of Directors has six open positions for the 2024-2026 term. Interested candidates can learn more about representing Cyversity on their Board of Directors, as well as the desired qualifications, by reviewing the announcement letter and general roles and responsibilities.

Election Timeline
August 3 – 21, 2023 Nominations Open
September 4, 2023 Nominee Applications Close
September 18 – 22, 2023 Voting
September 26, 2023 Elected nominees notified

Election Process:

1.1. Vote Administration

In order to maintain impartiality, the vote will be administered by Virtual, Inc., (the “Vote Administrator”) Cyversity’s Management Company. No members will have access to the voting during or after the election and no member will be involved in the tabulation of the results.

1.2 Eligibility

The Board of Directors will determine any additional criteria for eligibility and submitting qualifications for nomination.  

Preferred Nomination Criteria and Minimum Required Responsibilities for New Nominees:

  • Cyversity Member
  • Relevant industry, professional or philanthropic experience
  • Exemplary influence and leadership qualities within the cybersecurity or adjacent fields and/or within communities served by the Cyversity mission
  • Passionate alignment with the Cyversity mission and vision
  • Strong communication skills
  • Able to commit up to 10 hours monthly to role and organizational activities
  • Able to attend and actively participate in board meetings (in person or virtual) board meetings are usually held quarterly
  • Willingness to actively serve as board liaison to at least one (1) Cyversity committee or task force
  • Prior Board experience preferred but not required

The term for each Director shall be two (2) years and board members are eligible for re-election.

1.3 Nominations

Nominations for the Cyversity Board will be accepted from August 3, 2023 through August 21, 2023 (“End of Nominations”). Nominations will be accepted via submission form; all nominations must include the required documentation, refer to section 1.5. Members are allowed to nominate themselves for election.

1.4 Accepting Nominations

On receipt of the nomination, the Vote Administrators will contact each nominee to verify that they accept the nomination. On receipt of an affirmative response, the nominee will complete a self-evaluation form that will indicate if they meet the qualifications and are willing to put in the time commitment required.  Responses will be forwarded to the Governance Committee for review and scheduling of candidate interviews as required.

1.5 Submitting a Nomination and Self-Evaluation Application

The nominee must complete the application in full; read and understand the Cyversity Roles and Responsibilities to successfully complete a nomination submission. Please contact the vote administrator with any questions concerning the submission form or election documents.

It is important that you read and understand the above noted documents as the application form requires your agreement to these important documents. All nominees must complete the application form by 11:59 PM ET on September 4, 2023 in order to be included as a nominee.

1.6 Posting of Nominees and Qualifications

Qualified nominees, along with their detailed nomination form will be made available to the Cyversity Governance Committee for review

1.7 Soliciting Support

The supporting material provided as a part of nomination acceptance, along with demonstrated participation and leadership in Cyversity activities is expected to be sufficient information about the candidate’s qualifications to make a voting decision. Cyversity email lists should not be used to announce or solicit support for election. Questions or clarifications on process or execution should be directed to the Vote Administrator .

1.8 Voting Period

Voting will open on September 18, 2023. Voting will close on September 22 at 11:59 PM ET.

1.9 Voting Members

Cyversity maintains a list of voting members. Communication regarding the voting period will be sent via electronic mail to voting members  prior to the start of the voting period. Voting members of the Cyversity include members of Cyversity Board of Directors as written in the bylaws.

1.10 Ballots

A link to the ballot will be sent via electronic mail at the start of the voting period. A reminder email will be sent twenty-four hours prior to the close of the voting period. Votes will be cast electronically, as administered by the Vote Administrator. To cast a vote, the Voting Member should submit an online ballot. All votes cast will remain confidential. Votes must be cast before the close of the voting period. If a confirmation reply is not received, the ballot should be re-sent to the Vote Administrator,

1.11 Result Posting and Notification

After the close of voting, the Vote Administrator will deliver the election results to the Board Chair and the President. The Board Chair will contact those candidates who have been elected. Details of vote counts or the order of the other candidates will not be published.

1.12 Announcement of New Directors

Candidates who have been elected will be announced to the membership shortly after all candidates have been notified. Those selected will officially take office at the Board of Directors meeting in October 2023. Based on schedule requirements, the Cyversity President or delegated individuals will hold an ‘orientation’ conference call or meeting to discuss the current board processes, meeting schedules, and activities, and will subscribe the new directors to the appropriate mailing lists.