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This webinar is intended to help candidates to market themselves via social media platform to companies that are hiring. This event will feature industry professionals who will discuss key features of successful social media profiles and how to use them to network with other professionals. Participants will learn the following:

  1. What is the most effective approach to LinkedIn Profiles?
  2. Which is more effective, a resume or a social media presence?
  3. What are the best social media platforms for Cyber Security Professionals?
  4. Does LinkedIn training improve my profile?
  5. Do I need to scrub my social media accounts? Do I need to open new accounts or rebrand existing accounts?
    • How do employers use social media when vetting candidates?
  6. How important is the visual presentation? Format, photo, etc.
  7. Social Media etiquette.
  8. Content best practices.
    • How to position yourself as a CS Professional?
    • How frequently should I post content?
    • Types of content to post.
    • How to appropriately use social media when networking.

Wenhan Chen, Consulting Practice Lead, Intercast Staffing

“Kevin L. Dodson, Compliance Officer, SAWTST


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