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Hosted by the Atlanta Chapter

The ability to think like an attacker can drive relevant IT risk management discussions and make important informed decisions as an organization seeks to identify and address IT risks. Vulnerability assessors and penetration testers use similar tools and tactics as attackers to discover vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT environment. Join us for a workshop with KSE security group to learn the basics of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. This session is for cybersecurity professionals, students, and stakeholders.

• Attendees will become familiar with the most common vulnerability scans
• Attendees will learn the difference between authenticated and unauthenticated scans
• Attendees will understand how to upskill to get into penetration testing jobs


Elias Yassin, Chief Executive Officer/ KSE Group

Solomon Ogieva, Chief Operations Officer / KSE Group

Kameran Evans, President / KSE Group


Cassandra Dacus, Cyversity Atlanta Chapter President



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