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Hosted by the Atlanta Chapter

Attempting to exploit vulnerabilities within your system or application is required to understand how a threat actor can access your data. During this exploit workshop, KSE will demonstrate the steps to identifying, analyzing, and exploiting vulnerabilities. Paul Brouse, Ethical Hacking SME at KSE, will lead us through this demonstration using the same virtual operating system from the previous workshop. Scans conducted during February 23rd Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Workshop will be used for vulnerabilities to exploit.

After this Exploit Workshop, attendees will know how to:

• Identify attack vectors using scan results

• Decide the hacking technique for each attack vector

• Exploit the attack vectors



Elias Yassin, Chief Executive Officer/ KSE Group

Solomon Ogieva, Chief Operations Officer / KSE Group

Kameran Evans, President / KSE Group

Paul Brouse, Ethical Hacking SME / KSE Group


Cassandra Dacus, Cyversity Atlanta Chapter President



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