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Hosted by the Twin Cities Chapter

A fireside chat between mentor and mentee that provides a close look into just how valuable mentoring relationships can be!

Mentoring is one of the most important contributors to professional success. Join us to hear about the value of mentorship from a mentor/mentee pair who are experiencing it together, and learn how they both are growing and learning from the experience. Whether you’re looking for a mentor or to become one, this session is for you.


This event will feature:
• Welcoming Remarks
• A Mentoring Program Overview by Olivia Rose, Cyversity Board Member
• A fireside chat between Mea Clift, Mentor and Cyber Security Leader and Risk Specialist, Woodard & Curran; and her Mentee
• A Networking Opportunity: Join in the open discussion at the end of the call to network with others and share your goals and experiences around mentoring



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