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Today’s digital economy relies on the effectiveness of industrial control systems (ICS). As ICS devices become increasingly connected, they also become increasingly vulnerable. And many critical infrastructure organizations my be underprepared for the convergence of their IT and OT environments. Infiltration of an ICS network could result in massive outages, hundreds of thousands of impacted users and even national disaster.

Join us on Dec 15th, when current and prospective NYC Metro chapter members will:

1) Hear from a national ICS expert about securing and safeguarding public and private critical infrastructures such as the electrical grid, water treatment systems, transportation, manufacturing and more.
2) Learn about techniques for evaluating cyber-sabotage risk to industrial systems; new technology that protects physical infrastructure from cyberattacks ​using real industrial components and networks; and careers in OT/ICS.
3) Engage in a highly-interactive, virtual professional development and networking session.

Speaker: Dennis Skarr, Tenured Faculty at Everett Community College (EvCC)

Moderator: Jennifer Fischer, COO at Lynx


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