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Everyone is talking about the Cybersecurity skills gap and labor shortage. Getting a job in Cybersecurity poses a set of unique challenges, especially for those who have a diverse background. Embracing your personal revolution is key!

Personal branding is the process of creating a “mark” around your name and your career. This is achieved by having specific strengths and messages that people remember about you. Personal branding strategy can assist with not only landing your first job, however, also help manage your growth in your career.

Personal branding is promoting yourself. People buy products because they know a product, and you can do the same. Do you want a job in a highly competitive field like Cybersecurity? -> Promote yourself.

If you’re interested in creating a personal brand to advance your career, join this engage webinar, where the goal is to show you several steps you can take to grow your personal brand and put yourself in a more advantageous spot as a professional.

Jimmy Sanders, Head of Information Security at Netflix DVD

Cassandra Dacus, Cyversity Atlanta Chapter President

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